Over 90% of the information on the market about “how-to” Get Rich In Mailorder is a bunch of pure, Bull-Stuff! (You know what I mean.)

Not only will you NOT get rich in mailorder using that information … you will probably lose a bundle of money trying to make it work for you. (If you haven’t already.)

The saddest part of all is…

Mailorder REALLY is the least expensive, most profitable, easiest to start, fastest money generating business in the world.


BECAUSE … Over the past 37 years, I have (really) sold over $400 Million worth of products and services — everything from Beauty Supplies to Heavy Equipment … Burglar Alarms to Sleeping Bags … Fishing Lures to Women’s Wigs … Automobiles to Wheelchairs … Seafood to Investment Opportunities … Consulting Services to “How-To” Courses – all by mailorder.

Although I have written over 700 books, booklets, reports, briefs, programs and articles about “how-to make money” (in a wide variety of fields) … each from my own personal experiences…I have never before written on the subject of “mailorder.” But, I guess I’ve read and studied 10,000 (or more) writings on the subject … while I was making millions doing it. – All of them…from marketing textbooks to “get-rich-quick” hype … offered insight into the methods and techniques used to generate “mailorder fortunes.”

The reason I had never written on the subject of “mailorder” was because …

It would be something like Muhammed Ali writing a book – “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee” – about how to be a world champion fighter. He could write about his training, his fights, his diet, his opponents and even his famous rope-a-dope technique. But, even after reading it, you wouldn’t be ready to crawl into the squared-circle with a ‘real’ opponent. At least not until you had spent years and years practicing what you had read. Even then you would have to ‘take a licking’ (probably more than once) before you got it anywhere near right.

If I were to write about “mailorder,” I felt it would be much the same. My personal opinion has always been that …

Mailorder is more “art” than “science.”

Like “art,” mailorder can be explained from a thousand different angles. Any “artist” can tell you how they (personally) go about creating their masterpieces – but – their explanation won’t make you an artist.

On the other hand, if mailorder were a “science,” it would be provable and repeatable. Anyone and everyone who entered the field would be guaranteed their success, just by following the step-by-step method in a book.

Then, I discovered …

A more “scientific” approach to Mailorder!

Actually, I had known about and used this method … very profitably … for years but hadn’t realized its provable and repeatable (scientific) nature until I answered this classified ad …

“Mail Order Business For Sale by Owner. Established 9 years.
Grosses $600,000. Nets $180,000.”

The company was sold before I could make an offer for it but not before I had received all the details about the operation. – I even had an opportunity to talk, at length, with the owner and pick his brain about how he had started and succeeded in his business. – His story was fascinating.

When he started, he was working in a “retail” store as an assistant manager.

Like so many people, he often dreamed of owning his own business but didn’t know exactly what business he wanted to get into. So, he read everything he could get his hands on about starting, owning and operating a small business. Of course, some of what he read was about “mailorder.”

One day, at the store, he noticed a flyer from one of the store’s suppliers offering a product the store didn’t carry. – He took that flyer to his boss with some sales ideas he had gleaned from some of the mailorder books he had been reading. – Being the ‘typical’ small retail shop owner, his boss dismissed his ideas.

Undaunted, our hero asked his boss if he could buy some of the product from the supplier at his own expense to try his mailorder idea. – With permission from his boss, he set-up his own account with the supplier and ordered a quantity of the product.

Even before the product arrived, the fledgling entrepreneur had already placed some classified ads, prepared his sales material and established his ‘office’ in the corner of his bedroom (annoying his mother with his “business nonsense”).

If he hadn’t been working full time…and living at his parent’s home, rent free … he would have starved to death. – He didn’t sell enough of his product the first six months to even cover his advertising costs. – As a matter of fact, he said the only smart thing he did that first six months was to subscribe to a variety of publications relating to his product and the industry.

Answering an ad in one of those publications put him on the high-road to mailorder success. – Within six months after he answered the ad, he was making more money in his mailorder business than he was making working at the retail store. (NO! It wasn’t Multi-Level Marketing!)

In another three months, he quit his job, bought a house of his own, and started expanding his business using the same formula for success he had learned from the ad he had answered.

When he ran the classified ad offering to sell his business, he had just celebrated his 30th birthday. He was selling over 100 products by mailorder …had over 50,000 customers nationwide … and worked by himself in the basement office in his home six days per week (until the business started grossing over $250,000 per year, he only worked 2 or 3 days each week).

He said, it was time to quit working so hard and spend some time with his wife and their new baby. After all, if he ever needed to make money again, he could start another business just like it with any number of non-competing products in any number of industries.

If I had bought his business, I would have hired someone to do his work, doubled the business using the same formula, never worked in the business myself, and added a nice piece-of-change to my bottom line each year. – He could have done the same thing himself (you can too) but he decided to sell out and put the cash into passive investments instead.

Even though I didn’t get the chance to buy this guy’s business, looking at it and talking with him did give me a chance to stand back and view my favorite business (mailorder) from a different perspective. – Sometimes you have to get out of the forest to see the trees.

Looking back, over the past 30 years…just as a fine artist learns to paint or sculpt … I learned by trial and error to sell things by mail. As a Master Craftsman of the mailorder art, I can tell anyone how I do it but, being more art than science, the chances of them duplicating my success would depend 100% on their individual talents. But …

Using a more scientific approach to mailorder …as the young mailorder entrepreneur did … you can actually Own Your Own Mailorder Business with an almost absolute chance of succeeding.

Of course, even in the highest levels of scientific endeavor success is never an absolute.

Even if someone gives you the formula (recipe) for a chemical compound (like gunpowder), you could still mess it up … or blow your hand off … if you substituted ingredients; mixed the ingredients in the wrong quantities; or otherwise “did your own thing” with the formula.

So, a more scientific approach to mailorder … not an absolute … is still the best anyone can do – but – using the formula as written in “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” your chances of success will be much, much greater than trying to start your own, from scratch (almost an absolute).

Much like the difference between starting your own hamburger restaurant or buying a McDonald’s franchise. Only, in this case, it will be your own business without any franchise fees, royalties or other opportunity expenses. All you have to do is provide a place to work (maybe your bedroom)…then do the work necessary to operate your business.

In “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” you will learn the only proven and repeatable method of making money in mailorder almost without fail.

“Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” includes everything you need to succeed in your own Mailorder business – except – your time, your effort and a little bit of money ($500 to $1,000 will do nicely; even less if you’ve already started in some kind of mailorder undertaking).

In “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” I tell you the best and easiest products to sell but, not everyone who takes this short-course will want to sell them. So, I also show you where and how to get any kind of product you want to sell. – No matter what you want to sell. – This more scientific approach to mailorder works with almost any product you can imagine (again, it’s an almost because nothing in business can ever be an absolute – anyone who tells you different is a fool or a liar, or both).

So … if you really want to “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” this is your chance.

And, if you already have a proprietary product you want to sell by mailorder, I will teach you how to double, triple, even quadruple your sales … almost overnight …using this method in reverse. ­ Or, if you are already involved in a business (any kind of business) of your own, I will teach you how to use this same approach to expand your business…almost exponentially…without much more effort on your part. ­ I will also tell you about the best resource guides to using a more scientific approach to mailorder ever created…one of them has been around for well over 20 years but most people don’t even know what they’ve got when they get it.

“Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” is only $49.95 – less than it would cost you for dinner for two at any fine restaurant … it’s even less than the profit from one-sale of some of the products it directs you to.

If you’ve ever been involved in mailorder … or, if you’ve ever read anything about “how” you can make a fortune in mailorder … I guarantee this short-course will open your eyes to a world you’ve never seen before (a tree you haven’t seen because you’ve been looking at the forest).

Order your personal copy of “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS,” TODAY!! – You’ll never regret it.


Jim (J.F.) Straw

Mailorder Master

P.S. – When you order your personal copy of “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” you will also receive “Unlimited Wealth Online Using Offline Methods: Volume 1” … and learn how to marry and meld the awesome power of direct mail with the speed and ease of the Internet! (Over 320 pages.)

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Dan Kennedy said …

After Dan Kennedy read my mailorder course, he told the readers of his “No B.S. Marketing Letter” …

“If you’re interested in selling info-products via mailorder, one of the ‘quiet giants,’ a fellow I’ve watched and learned from since I was in short pants, Jim Straw has finally put his experiences, personal secrets, tricks of the trade and how-to-advice together in a big manual: “Own Your Own Mailorder Business.” He’s selling it for $49.95 and it’s easily worth ten times that much. Jim’s one of the few ‘masters’ in the leagues of the late Joe Karbo, George Haylings, Dean DuVall, Ben Suarez, who, if you had a chance to pick their brains for an hour, you ought to pay any price, fly anywhere.”

Dan sold over 100 copies of my mailorder course to his “Insiders.”

A Personal Note from …

Jim J.F. Straw
Mailorder Master

Mailorder IS a business … just as Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail are businesses.

Think about it this way … if you decide to fabricate a product, you will be in the Manufacturing business. – If you decide to sell products for further distribution, you will be in the Wholesale business. – If you decide to sell products to the end-user (consumer), you will be in the Retail business.

Why then, if you decide to sell products or services by soliciting orders by mail, are you not in the Mailorder business?

As far back as my research has been able to reach, it has been stated emphatically, by writer after writer, that “Mailorder is not a business. Mailorder is only a way of doing business.”

Granted, “mailorder” can be a way of doing business … f or a Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Retailer – but – it can be, and is, a business unto itself. – It needs no other purpose than that of “selling products or services by soliciting orders through the mail.”

As for me, I am a Master Craftsman of the Mailorder Art…a Mailorder Marketer…proud of the fact that I can bring the products and services of the world into the homes and offices of people who would not otherwise, except for my efforts, have convenient access to those products or services. 

You are, hereby, invited to join me in my chosen profession … become a Mailorder Marketer – satisfy the wants and needs of the public by taking products and services directly to them, in their homes and offices, by mail.

Order your personal copy of “Own Your Own MAILORDER BUSINESS” – TODAY!

mailorder –(one word; no hyphen) — The act of promoting the sale of products or services through the mail, and receiving and fulfilling mail orders.


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