J.F. (Jim) Straw

Over 99% of what you have read, or heard, about making money on the Internet is pure, unadulterated Horse Manure!

BUT – You Really Can Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!

Without “selling” anything.

(You don’t even have to have a web site to begin – but – you may want to use some “Free” web sites.)

I know … I know … everybody tells you there are fortunes to be made on the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer.

You’ve probably read more than one book, ebook, booklet or report about Affiliate Marketing … haven’t you?

They all say about the same thing … don’t they?

Granted, each of them takes a little different approach … some of them even have some unique ideas … but, all in all, they pretty much offer the same methods, tactics, techniques and strategies … nothing really new. — But …

I’ve only been doing affiliate marketing for less than 6 months and my “annualized” revenue is already well into the six-figures.

There is absolutely no reason in the world why you can’t do the same!

Until about 4 months before I started writing this, I only sold MY information products to MY e-Letter subscribers.

I thought, because my readers bought information about Home Based Businesses, Stock Market Investing, Finder’s Fees, Mailorder, Exporting & Real Estate Options, they wouldn’t buy information about Internet Marketing and other business subjects – BUT – they do. — As I had discovered, many, many years ago (but forgot; again) … an information buyer is an information buyer. — SO …

I signed-up as an affiliate for some info-products that I had read, reviewed and found worthy … “real” good stuff; not the majority of crap.

Guess what? — Within 3 months, I was making a few thousand extra dollars each week in affiliate commissions. — And, again …

There is absolutely no reason in the world why you can’t do the same!
And … it doesn’t matter whether you are selling information products or fishing equipment, you can make your Internet fortune as an Affiliate Marketer.

Over the past five years … just as you probably have … I’ve downloaded just about every FREE report, eBook, manual and course I could find about making money on the Internet – plus – I’ve bought upwards of $10,000 worth of the same stuff … ranging in price from $9.97 to $997. (Don’t ask me why, for some strange reason the Internet Marketers seem to find some kind of numerological magic in ending their prices with ’97.’)

Even with all that information in hand … I still had to figure out how to put it all together for myself! 

ALL of them were right … ALL of them were wrong.

In all too many cases, the writers of those books, ebooks, booklets, reports and articles tell you “what to do” or “what they have done” but fail miserably in trying to tell you “how to do it.”

Don’t ALL the books, booklets, reports, courses, manuals, programs and seminars about Internet marketing say just about the same thing … whether you have to pay for them, or you get them Free.

SO … You try a little of this … a little of that. — Some of it works a little bit. But, none of it seems to work a lot.

Hey, don’t feel like the Lone Stranger. — I did the same thing, too … until I put it all together.

I had to figure out how to put it all together for myself – but – you won’t have to!

I’m going to teach you “how” to Put It All Together for Yourself and … 

Make Your Internet Fortune as an Affiliate Marketer!

Over the years, I have written well over 300 books, booklets, articles, reports, manuals and courses about making money and doing business – but – unlike my contemporaries, I have only written about things I have actually done SUCCESSFULLY. — So …

For the past couple years, whenever anyone asked me when I was going to write something about doing business on the Internet, my answer has been …

“When I have done it SUCCESSFULLY.”

Now, I’ve done it and so can you.

This is your opportunity to learn “how to” do what I have done to become a highly profitable Affiliate Marketer. — I tell all in my new report … 

How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!

“How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” isn’t just a chronicle of what I have done. It doesn’t just tell you “what” you should do … it explains in detail “HOW” to do it.

All of the books, booklets, reports and articles I’ve read about Internet Marketing had “secrets” to tell me – but …

As my Daddy used to say, “There really aren’t any secrets in this old world. Only things you don’t happen to know right now” – but – over the past nearly 50 years in the business arenas of the world, I have added …

“Even after you learn what you didn’t know, it still remains a SECRET until you actually do it successfully.”

Now that I have done it “successfully” … to the tune of a few thousand extra dollars each week in affiliate commissions … I really know “how” it is done.

Over the past 30 years, I have (really) sold over $250 Million worth of products and services — everything from Beauty Supplies to Heavy Equipment … Burglar Alarms to Sleeping Bags … Fishing Lures to Women’s Wigs … Automobiles to Wheelchairs … Seafood to Investment Opportunities … Consulting Services to “How-To” Courses – all by mailorder.

Actually, I thought I knew everything about “direct selling” until I got started on the Internet – but – as John Wooden said …

“It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.”

What I learned … after I thought I knew everything … was that I did know “Everything I needed to know” I just hadn’t adopted & adapted it to my Internet Marketing. — You probably do too.

Even though I have made fortunes selling my own products, for the past 15 years I have told hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people wanting to get into mailorder or Internet marketing that …

“If I didn’t already have the line of information products I’ve developed over the past 30 years … if I had to do it all over again … I would never create my own products. — I would simply sell other people’s products and eliminate the hassles of production, fulfillment, inventory control, and other costs that eat away at profits.”


In other words, I would only become an affiliate for other people’s products and services. (My life would have been a lot simpler.)

NOTE: Mark Joyner; one of the top Internet marketers, says, “At our peak of 40 employees, Aesop.com (and all of our subsidiaries) cost $250,000 per month to operate.” — Even at 10% of that, you would have to do one heck of a lot of business, just to survive.

IF … over the past 30 years … I had ONLY sold other people’s products and services, I would have; without doubt, still sold over $250 Million worth – BUT – because my overhead would have been greatly reduced, I would have made a lot more money.

That’s what you should do, if you really want to make your fortune on the Internet.


Being an Affiliate Marketer is far better than Creating, Producing and Selling Your Own Product!

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will have …

NO production costs. — Very LOW start-up costs. — NO employees. — NO inventory. — NO order processing. — NO shipping. — NO customer service. — NO, or at least very limited, risk.

But, first, you need to know … 

What is an Affiliate?

As an “affiliate,” all you do is direct potential customers to the “sales page” for the product being sold … or, put out the “sales piece” as an ad to your email list. — You DO NOT “sell” anything, you only direct people to the “sales pages” or “sales material” that does the “selling” for you. — The people either buy, or they don’t. — You get the commission when a sale is made.

You DO NOT have to be known … the person or company actually selling the product has to be known. All you need to do is keep adding to your email list, so you will have potential customers to send to the seller.

As an “affiliate” you are NOT a sales person.
You only introduce potential buyers to the people who have something to sell.

One of the biggest … if not THE biggest … mistakes made by beginning affiliate marketers is that of trying to “sell” the products being offered.

It is NOT the job of an “affiliate” to sell anything. — The affiliate’s job is to introduce potential buyers to the people who have something to sell.

As I told you, over the past 5 years, I’ve read and studied over $10,000 worth of “how to” information about being an affiliate – plus – hundreds (if not thousands) of FREE reports on the subject.

ALL of them were right … ALL of them were wrong.

They all seem to focus on setting up a web site … finding products to sell … driving traffic to your site … listing with the Search Engines … buying hits … etc., etc., etc., ad naseum. — BUT, they seem to forget to tell you … 

Affiliate Marketing is a Business!

In “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” I will teach you … 

How to set-up your own Affiliate Marketing Business!

You don’t even need a web site … it will just take longer to build your fortunes without one. — Then again, you can do it all with some “Free” web sites.

If I had known back in 1999, what I know now, I wouldn’t have a content rich web site like I do … with all its headaches.

Instead of spending all that time updating and maintaining my web site, I would have a very simple web site with a number of forms pages to capture names and email addresses, redirect pages for the affiliate programs, and some few “freebies” to attract highly targeted visitors … maybe even rely solely on “free” web sites. (I tell you how that can be done in my report.)

Using just a mini-site, or a free site, I would spend less than 5% of my time maintaining my web site … 20% of my time “marketing” … 5% of my time finding new products to sell … 5% of my time developing new marketing messages … and 65% of my time building and maintaining my email list.

Why? — Because …

The one & only thing you MUST have to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer is a good email list.

So, even before you sign up for your first affiliate marketing program, you MUST develop your method of keeping and maintaining your email list. — If you don’t do that, you are doomed to failure before you start.

In “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” I teach you …

How I set-up my Email List!

Step by step … point by point … exactly how you can do it. — Because … 

Your success in Internet Marketing … as in Mailorder Marketing … is in your “list” — NOT in your products.

Your “email list” is the ONLY asset you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing!

That’s why over 50% of “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” is dedicated to teaching you …

How To Build Your Email List!

I explain in detail the Facts of Life about Building an Email List! — Buying hits … buying email lists … getting traffic to your web site … joining discussion groups … participating on the discussion boards … creating your own UN-ezine … writing articles for other ezines (even if you aren’t a writer) … buying advertising in ezines … giving something away “FREE” (even if you don’t have anything to give away) … how to use Viral Marketing Tools to their best advantage … submitting your web site to the Search Engines – PLUS – exceptionally effective (profitable) methods I have used to build my own list.

You will also learn …

How to tell the real, good stuff from the crap!
A method you can use to help Finance Your Affiliate Marketing Business!
How To Use “Free” Web Sites!
My experiences with Bulk Emailings!
How to Go OffLine to Build Your Email List!
How To Find Affiliate Programs!
Long Copy vs. Short Copy!
Niche Marketing!
What to do if you don’t get paid your commissions!
How much money you can expect to make as an Affiliate Marketer!
How long will it take before you start making money!

Of course, when you want to make money by marketing, you MUST do the marketing. — So … in “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” I will teach you “how” to set up your marketing campaigns … what days of the week to do your emailings … what time of the day to do your emailings … and —

You will actually join me as I go through my regular day. — Step by step, point by point … you will follow me as I do everything that needs to be done; explaining how I do it, why I do it, and how you should do it.

Throughout the pages of “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” rather than just giving you a fish, I’ll teach you how to go fishing for yourself.

Now, the only question you have to answer for yourself is …

“Do I really want to make money on the Internet, or am I just playing pretend?”

If you’re tired of “playing pretend,” order your personal copy of “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune As An Affiliate Marketer!” today! — It’s only $99.95 … a small pittance to pay to finally be able to tap into the Internet fortunes to be made.

Yours for Finding Profits,

Jim (J.F.) Straw

P.S. — When you purchase this report, you will be automatically signed-up to receive my “Affiliate Marketing Updates.”

Issues of “Affiliate Marketing Updates” will contain any updates to the materials in this report – and – I will also tell you about various affiliate programs in which you might want to participate. — Of course, I’ll try to find programs in a wide variety of subject areas to review … so you won’t just be locked in to information products; or whatever – or – if you have a specific subject of interest, tell me and I’ll see if I can find an affiliate program in that subject area.

“Affiliate Marketing Updates” are published any time I have an “update” for you … daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever.


You Are Face To Face With Your Destiny

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When Marc & Terry Goldman ordered a copy of my book — “How You Really Can … Make Your Internet Fortune as an Affiliate Marketer!” — I never expected this …

“Hurray! The master has done it again. Anyone who knows us knows that we preach to our customers and subscribers to pay homage to the successful people who came before you. Jim Straw is one of the all time greats in the DM field and an expert in internet marketing. While others spout on and on, telling you they they know it all about affiliate marketing, out comes the sly fox teaching you the nuts and bolts about running an affiliate business.

“If you ever hope to be successful selling anything as an affiliate then you absolutely owe it to yourself and your family to get ahold of Jim’s course and learn what it takes from the man who has sold a quarter of a BILLION dollars worth of merchandise in his legendary career. Grab a cup of coffee, strap yourself in and hold on tight for a lesson you won’t soon forget. This course is for people who are deep and open minded and most importantly, serious about their desire to earn money as an affiliate. It gets the Marc & Terry Goldman seal of approval and very few products ever do.”

Marc & Terry Goldman

Goldbar Enterprises, Inc.

Edward Thorpe wrote to say …

“Speaking of your reports that I bought. Very plain English. No cow pucky. Easy to understand. Practical. — That makes you an un-common man (marketer), in a common world. Very refreshing.”

Dave Vallieres said …

“There is so much junk out there about affiliate marketing it’s shameful. And, even though I know you’re not a ‘public service organization,’ you should win an award for this book as a ‘public service’! — Somebody once said (forgot who)… “Any idiot can make something complicated, it takes a genius to make it simple.” — You are a GENIUS…. thank you, sincerely, for this book. I almost didn’t get it (another book on ‘affiliate marketing’??) and ONLY bought it becuase of your ‘tell it like it is’ reputation. — I was not disappointed.”

Jane Mark … [email protected] … had this to say …

“Your book reminded me of how many people on the net aspire to have their own business, but haven’t a clue how to be their own boss. — You take us all through the pitfalls and give us great direction on howwe might get there without dictating the precise path. I like that. — The book is a how to on list building; the part that most people lose patience with and therefore never have an audience with whom to converse. — It is simply a superb book which no one can afford to neglect whether they run their own business or are affiliates. — The experience and wisdom you bring to the table are a lesson for all of us even those of who have had success on the net. — I read it cover to cover and will reread it again and again. — Kudos to you. Just a grand job. Are you available to clone?”

Jeremy Gislason … http://www.isoregister.com … wanted me to know …

“Well, I finished your book. — Wow! — I like your style. — Straightforward, no B.S., and best of all, no hype. This book is the real deal! Jim is telling the truth, the ‘real’ truth as it really is. I help run our own affiliate program so I am often on both sides, as an affiliate and as an affiliate manager at the same time. I got some wonderful new ideas after reading this and I can’t wait to try them out. This is a must read book for anyone who would like to be a better affiliate marketer for any program.”

Rick Balestino … http://www.TLCIT.com … liked me, too …

“It’s refreshing (and rare) in today’s day and age to find people who still maintain high values and down-to-earth honest integrity that you display in your writing. — Thanks again!”

Rebecca Hagel … was impressed …

“I finished your course, and I really enjoyed it. In particular, Iiked that you really came down and talked about the VERY basics (for example, taking a moment and defining what a URL is). I’ve heard some newbies complain that while supposedly basic books are teaching them something, they use all sorts of jargon they can’t understand. You eliminate that problem. And yet, you also lay it out in such a way that the more advanced folks can get what they want and need out of it too. — Oh, and of course I also enjoyed your references sprinkled throughout the book to the moochers and freeloaders!! — Nice job.”

Karol Gajda …  liked it too …

“I just got done reading your Affiliate Marketing book. I think it’s awesome. — Overall this is an awesome Internet/affiliate business guidebook. Thanks for writing it.”

David Oliver wrote …

“I am really happy I bought your material, I learned a ton. And, it’s a lot different from many other marketing people.”

Ron Rice said …

“I purchased your Affiliate Marketing book and really liked the *straight shooting* info. It’s much better than the hyped-up fluff contained in so many books by most other authors.”

Tevita Rasaku wrote to tell me …

“Your materials are a real value compared to a lot of other products as I am sure you already know..and they are a real inspiration.”

Kenneth Black had this to say …

“I just wanted to let you know that your “Make Your Fortune as an Affiliate Marketer” Course/ebook that I bought is the best book I have ever read on making money online. It is honest, loaded with real and useful information and concentrates on building quality lists, which, as you say, is the most important ingredient in making money on the Net. Funny that other well known courses do not focus on this very much – go figure? — Thanks again Jim for caring about the little guys, like me, trying to create a second income via the Internet.”

Edgar Reeder wanted me to know …

“The world needs more business people like you. You are generous with your time and you don’t mind answering peoples questions. I know you have always answered mine. And I want you to know how much I appreciate you. — You are truly an inspiration to all!!”

Sunny Tung said …

“Your affiliate marketing course is simply marvellous! — Checks are coming my way (after 2 months of work) just by applying the simple methods shown in your course. — Thanks a LOT!” 


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Yours for Finding Profits,

Jim (J.F.) Straw