are you making enough money?

If not, you’re probably using the wrong tools.  Here’s a collection of …

What my clients and friends say


“I have read tons of self-help books and articles and been through positive thinking classes and they have all had temporary effects then, ultimately, fallen short. Jim Straw’s books and courses, loaded with common sense and practical advice and clear-cut directions, are the only ones I’ve found which have consistently earned me good profits. Jim is the “Real Deal.” 

Marilyn Combs, Partners in Business, Phoenix, Arizona



“Over the years I’ve added at least one-hundred dollars each business day in take home for every new idea I gain from your practical insights.”

Justin Hitt
Publisher, Inside Strategic Relations
Business Development Consultant


“Jim J.F. Straw is a living legend among informed marketers of every kind. Perhaps because he has sold just about everything in his 40+ years of being in business. Which all by itself is a testimony of super success. He is now still doing what he preaches and loves best: writing , publishing, and teaching others (the noblest profession of them all). His secrets, methods, and recipes for success have made his exceptionally rich life the one to be emulated and hopefully imitated.”

Mike DiBiano,


“I have known Jim Straw for over 30 years now. What separates Jim Straw from many business leaders in his field is that he is dedicated to what he does best: helping people.”

William Lucas

Ontario, Canada



“Jim has hit the nail on the head. You can do all the psychic (or magick) work you like, but if it’s all in your head, it ain’t taking you nowhere. The art, as Jim so astutely points out, is to back up your psychic/magick work with real world efforts. It is this that brings you the edge—and will bring success. Guaranteed!”

Jimmy Lee Shreeve,

“I was so fed up with all of the famous, swollen-headed, inaccessible business coaches. Then, thankfully, I learned of Jim Straw. I hate to say this, but Jim Straw is probably the last of his breed: a kindly, wise mentor who keeps his promises and keeps on teaching. Thank you, Jim.”

Jeff Trewhella


“Jim Straw has lived, done, and experienced what he writes about. If you want “fluff,” “bluff,” and “bullstuff,” then there are plenty of “authors” out there more than willing to sell you their “bullstuff” and laugh all the way to the bank. Jim Straw will tell you how he’s actually done it. Isn’t that what you really want and need?”

Father M.

“You are the “real deal” in a world full of entrepreneurial charlatans.”


Jack Jakoubek