J.F. (Jim) Straw

“Every time a Penny Stock Broker telephones me, I get goose-bumples all over my body … BECAUSE … It usually means I am about to make another profit in the Stock Markets.”

Do you cringe every time your secretary tells you – “There’s another stock broker on the phone wanting to talk to you.”

Is your first reaction – “Oh no! Another high-pressure salesman trying to sell me some worthless penny stock.” — Or, do you tell your secretary – “Tell him I’m out (or on the other phone; even if you don’t have another phone).”

Well … believe it or not, you may be passing-up some of the biggest profits you’ll ever make in the stock markets. — As a matter of fact, after you finish reading my Special Report  “How To Make A Fortune Trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock” – you will not only welcome calls from penny stock brokers, you will be calling them to get on their call lists.

Most people have heard stories about the super-profits that “might” have been made trading in the stock markets but … guess what? … like most of the information spoon-fed to the unsuspecting investing public, those stories are based upon hypothetical (made up; pretend) situations. No one ever really did it … and … the possibilities of someone ever doing it are slim and none.

My “Special Report” tells how I made over $130,000 in just three months (August – October, 1991) trading only one NASDAQ stock. — That was the first time I discovered this amazing method – and – today it’s even better than it was back then.

The report tells “why” I decided to buy that stock … “how” I moved the stock in my trading accounts to save commissions and leverage the buy … and, most importantly, how YOU can do the same thing. — I do it exactly the same way today … with the same profitable results.

No hypothetical (made up; pretend) nonsense in this report. REAL numbers … a REAL trade … REAL profits … and how it was REALLY done! – Although this report details one specific trade … to show you how it was really done … it gives you a step-by-step method for making money (almost every time) trading the stocks the NASDAQ brokers tout to you on the telephone.

And … just in case your asking, “Did you do it more than just once?” … YES! I did.

I first discovered this method of trading the NASDAQ (Penny) Stocks in mid-1991. – By the end of 1991, I had used the method on better than 20 trades … with only 2 losers; which I leveraged into winners as revealed in my special report.

About 80% of the time the profits just appear as if by magic. In the other 20%, your losses can usually be leveraged into winners using my method.

Selecting the penny stocks to trade is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is answer your telephone every time a penny stock broker calls. Almost every penny stock they tout to you is a “buy” (I tell you how to identify those that won’t make you a profit) – but – it will not work on “Pink Sheet” or other stock that isn’t quoted on the market systems – and – you can’t use the method with the online brokers).

The “SECRET” in my method of trading penny stock is not necessarily “what” you trade but rather “how” you trade. – My special report tells you exactly, point-by-point, step-by-step, ‘HOW’ to do your trading for maximum, and frequent, penny stock profits.

Instead of reading and studying hypothetical (made-up; pretend) trading situations based on statistical information (usually written by someone who has never invested in the real markets), read how profits are really made … REAL PROFITS … not made-up, pretend profits.

“How To Make A Fortune Trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock” is short and to the point – but – if you’re interested in really making a profit trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock, when you finish reading, you’ll be able to do it. Then, keep on doing it again … and again … and again.

Order your personal copy, TODAY! – I know you’ll never regret it.

Yours for Penny Stock Profits,

Jim (J.F.) Straw

P.S. — When you order your personal copy of “How To Make A Fortune Trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock,” as a SUPER BONUS, I will include a copy of my “Special Report” — “The Secret Magic Key to Stock Market Profits.” — I discovered this “magic” money making secret to stock market trading in 1987, after losing over $350,000 in the markets. Using that magic key, my profits in the stock markets exceeded $300,000 per year after that. — Once you have this “key,” you’ll be able to do the same.


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