Are Self-Liquidating Loans legal? – Do they really exist? – Can you qualify for such a loan? – What are Prime Bank Notes?  Where & how do you get one? – Why do most bankers cringe when you ask them to act as a fiduciary for your Self-Liquidating Loan? After all, all you are asking them to do is disburse the funds against your orders. – How can it be a rip-off if there aren’t any front-fees involved? – Who really puts together Self-Liquidating Loans? – Could you do a Self-Liquidating Loan in a smaller amount and have a better chance of success? – Can you do a Self-Liquidating Loan locally; in your own home town?

You have, no doubt, heard about SELF-LIQUIDATING (Arbitrage) LOANS for years. – You may have even tried to get one yourself.


Each year, around the world, literally thousands of people lose millions of dollars attempting to get Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans. These people come from all walks of life; from the highly educated affluent professionals to the working-class high school dropouts. Even Federal & State Government officials and Bank presidents are not immune and regularly appear in the lists of people who have been fleeced by con-men offering Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans.


Law enforcement agencies around the world spend millions of dollars each year (beyond the millions lost by would-be borrowers) in investigating and prosecuting the con-men offering such loans. But, they can only begin their investigation after the victims have been fleeced and the con-man involved has moved-on to another area (usually under a different name). And, in too many cases, when the law enforcement agencies finally track down the con-man, the victims are reluctant to come forward and admit that they were conned, or they still hold out hopes of getting their loan.


Even when you ask some of the most sophisticated financial experts in the world about Self-Liquidating Loans, they will tell you emphatically, “They don’t work.” But, when you ask them “Why?,” they don’t have an answer.


Then, when you get one of those sophisticated financial experts to look over the complete package for your Self-Liquidating Loan, their comments are usually: “It looks like it would work, but there has to be a hook in it somewhere.” – or – “This might work, but, before we could participate in it, we will need the name of the lender and the collateral issuer.”


In early 1988, I was approached by the “International Society of Financiers” to act as the keynote speaker for their seminar; to be held in September of that year. – That seminar was to touch on all aspects of financing … consumer lending, debt financing, equity financing, asset based lending, etc.


Shortly after agreeing to act as the keynote speaker, I was asked by the founder of the Society, if I would feel comfortable speaking about Self-Liquidating Loans. It seems none of the other scheduled speakers felt entirely comfortable with the subject and truthfully had more than enough to handle in covering their own field of expertise.


Since my only commitment had been to act as keynote speaker; and participate in some panel discussions, I accepted the invitation.


When the first brochures offering the seminar began being circulated – with the agenda announcing the topic of my lecture – my telephone began ringing off the hook. People from all walks of life were calling to ask if a transcript of my lecture would be available after (or even before) the seminar.


The callers didn’t want to attend the seminar and pay for the other information they felt they didn’t need – but – they did want as much information as possible about Self-Liquidating Loans. – I even had calls from law enforcement people, consumer advocates, and banking officials, wanting a better understanding of the nature of my lecture. (Some of them even attended the various seminars where I gave the lecture.)


After speaking at the Society’s seminar, I subsequently gave the same lecture at two (2) International Banking Symposiums. In both instances, I received the same kind of telephone calls prior to the seminars and (I am sure) those calls resulted in a good many sales of the tapes of those seminars to people who’s sole interest was in hearing my lecture on Self-Liquidating Loans.


I finally reduced my lecture to writing and offered a report on the subject to the public. – Thousands of copies of that report were sold nationwide.


By 1991, sales had fallen off drastically. Maybe because of my report, Self-Liquidating Loans seemed to fall out-of-fashion.


Today, however, it seems the con-men are back offering Self-Liquidating Loans; with a vengeance … and they’ve added some new twists to the old con-game. (I’ve even seen ads offering them in some of the most prestigious business publications in the country.)


So … I rewrote my original report and updated it with information about the new twists being used.


In the new report, you will learn .

How a Self-Liquidating Loan Con-Game is Put Together

I explain all of the elements of those con-games … Prime Bank Notes … Letters of Credit … Collateral Houses. I tell you what the con-men tell you they are – and – what they really are. — And …

How a Real Self-Liquidating Loan is Done

Using the same arbitrage & hedging instruments & techniques the con-men use, it is possible to put together a “real” Self-Liquidating Loan – BUT – if it was as easy as the con-men say it is, every major corporation would be doing it; over & over again.

When you finish reading this report, you will be better informed about Self-Liquidating Loans than many of the financial professionals in this country.

Order your personal copy, today! – It’s only $39.95. — If you’ve ever considered getting a Self-Liquidating Loan, you need this report … in Self Defense. It could save you thousands of dollars lost to con-men. 


Jim (J.F.) Straw

P.S. – In the last chapter of my new report, I also tell you … How to Do a Self-Liquidating Loan Yourself (In Your Own Home Town) – It’s been done for years. But, you won’t be able to do it unless you know how … I’ll tell you how.


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